I signed up for this retreat to try something new. I’ve never been on a yoga retreat before and while I like yoga I definitely am not in good shape, am not naturally flexible, am not at my ideal weight, and not someone people would look at and think there goes a yogini. But I decided to be brave and do some thing for me. We did over three hours of yoga per day and I never once felt out of place. The teacher provided lots of accommodations and of course my fears were wrong and I wasn’t the only one that needed accommodations. I felt comfortable and capable in every class. The greatest reward was that after each morning and evening session I would walk around the resort and I could feel that I actually walked differently from the work I had done in class that session. It was truly a transformational experience for me and I think of my body in a different way now. We also had a few classes that were things I would never try on my own like sound healing and mantra chanting. Maybe it was the yoga, maybe it was the Costa Rican air, but they were magical experiences and I feel like I’ve been on a high ever since. The planning was spot on, the location felt like a true getaway, and the accommodations were stunning. I would recommend any yoga retreat that unite mind and body plans as I know the thought and the love put into each one. I can’t wait to go again! Stacy

I am very thankful to have Unite mind and body a part of my life. The journey from the very beginning has been meaningful. The adventures, memories, and growth have been immense since the first day that I have joined. We are all united and consider each yogi a family member here at Unite mind and body. Thank you for all your support and hard work on providing these services to us. May the journey be eternal ” Sabrina