Yoga Schedule

Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga: A gentle class especially suited for those who prefer not to work on the floor. All yoga postures will be done seated or standing using a chair for support and balance. A well-rounded variety of yoga poses for strength and flexibility are taught, along with breath work and relaxation.

Gentle Yoga: For people who desire a slower pace; those recovering from illness, surgery or injury; or anyone who simply wants a relaxing, mindful class. You will learn basics foundation and how to apply yoga principles in your life as you move gingerly in the poses. Gentle breath techniques and meditation are part of the experience. Poses will be modified for all abilities.

Yin Yoga: A quiet, meditative practice that brings balance to the muscular body by passively working and rehabilitating connective tissue & ligaments with gentle traction & breathe. Excellent for gaining flexibility in the joints and in the mind. Well suited for overly active minds & bodies, arthritis, neuromuscular issues; healing old injuries & much more. Great before a high energy activity.

Beginning Yoga: Learn yoga from the beginning with a taste of history, philosophy and the foundation poses. Learn the process of yoga and how to apply yoga in your daily life. Emphasis is on utilizing the breath in movements. You will learn a daily routine and how to ground and center your energy.

Beginning & Beyond: Refresh your understanding of yoga. This class is designed to teach and re-teach the basics of foundation, grounding, movement, breathing and relaxation. Class focus will be on proper alignment and adapting yoga to your physical and mental needs. A great class for active people starting yoga for the first time, students returning to yoga after a time away, or for experienced students wishing to strengthen the foundation of their practice.

Kundalini Fire Series: A yoga technology based on the teaching of Yogi Bhajan, synchronizing the breath with movement that literally opens tense areas of the body, clears the head, and gives an incredible overall body feeling of flexibility and resiliency. An excellent class for boosting the immune system, working the endocrine system, and soothing the entire nervous system. A cardio intensive practice that detoxifies the body. Prerequisite: Beginning Level of Yoga.

Continuing Yoga: The next level after Beginning & Beyond builds strength and provides motivation for your own personal practice. You'll be guided in ways of breaking the cycle of stress, balancing the body's energy flow with holding poses and vinyasa. This is a rigorous practice, building inner fire while developing flexibility and endurance including sun/moon salutations, inversions, and advanced asana. Pranayama, meditation and deeper studies are a part of all Intermediate classes. Teaching is progressive. Prerequisite for Continuing Classes: Strong foundation of yoga fundamentals and physically fit.

Yoga Flows: Connecting poses in a flowing sequence is called vinyasa. Learning the basics of foundation in Beginning or Beginning & Beyond classes is best before doing flow yoga, which requires good health and strength. Flow increases flexibility and stamina. Sunrise Flow is demanding, involving numerous weight-bearing positions for hands & arms. Continuing classes will typically include vinyasa sequences

Restorative Yoga & Yoga for Traumatic Stress: A quiet practice for renewal and relaxation using props to support the body for optimum opening and release. Great for recovery & rest and for those who need to be challenged to be still. Conscious rest is far more restoring than a nap or sleep. All Levels.

Yoga for Weight Issues: Food is fuel for a healthy body. When we use food to cope with our emotions this brings imbalance and weight gain or loss. Learn the psychology behind eating patterns, along with philosophy and mindful meditation practices. Classes will include yoga asanas that specifically help with weight management and monitoring emotional eating.

Family Yoga: A playful, active session for children and adults who accompany one or more youngsters. Come with a sense of adventure and a willingness to try a variety of wonderful, and often unusual, yoga poses that are sure to challenge and delight all. FREE for kids ages 8-13 who take a class with an adult.

Yoga for Students Ages 14-19: Many of today's teens/young adults are not getting enough physical exercise. In some cases, such as varsity sports, teens may be physically over worked. Finding a happy medium is what yoga is all about at YHE. Lots of young adults may not think of themselves as athletic, yet they enjoy physical exercise. This class is designed for youths in good health who want to have fun and be challenged in a non-competitive setting. FREE

Pre Natal: Connect with your baby through relaxation, breath work and opening postures. Gentle yogic stretches with focus on breath work and meditation.

Post Natal: Postnatal yoga is a class designed to help mothers reconnect with their bodies after baby's arrival. The focus will be on awareness and strengthening of the core and back muscles, along with the pelvic floor, and postures to open the shoulders and chest. Breath work and meditation will be included to assist in soothing the nervous system, bringing harmony to the body and mind. Suitable for women 6-8 weeks postpartum with doctor's approval (8-10 weeks after C-section).Note: Class Is for Moms only.

Yoga for Back Issues 1: Regardless of age, activity level, medical history, and current back condition, this therapeutic, educational class will bring relief to your situation. Most importantly, you'll learn basic yoga movements that you can practice at home to ease, and possibly remedy, your back Issue. Yoga for Back Issues 2 Is a maintenance class for graduates of Back Issues 1.